Teen Mother Choices Cedar Lake, IN

Susan Ridderings

Susan Ridderings

Program Director for TMC of Cedar Lake, IN

Susan Riddering married her husband Rick in 2008. They have a beautifully blended family of four children and five grandchildren. She is co-owner and main facilitator of a local training and development company called NorthStar360 Training & Development. NorthStar360 is focused on developing interpersonal and high performance leadership skills. Previous to NorthStar360 she worked in the staffing and recruiting Industry for 14 years.

One of her greatest passions is serving as the Program Director for Teen Mother Choices in Cedar Lake!

She has been involved in ministry to young moms since 2015, by providing LifeSkill workshops, being a mentor, associate program director and finally by becoming a TMCI Certified Program Director in 2022.

Susan was a young mother and a single mom to two boys for 15 years. Her life is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and strength. She has the ability to relate to young moms in their struggles and victories, she believes that God is using her story to help others.

When Susan finds some down-time you will find her playing with my grandchildren!

And when asked what she would do if she opened the door to her freezer and found a penguin inside:  “I would search for a freezer with glass doors so that I could watch him all the time! I would also find out how long they can be warm so I can let him walk around my house sometimes. “